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Feb 17th, 2016 at 1:22am
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StopForumSpam Mod for YaBB 2.6.11/2.6.12
Original Mod by Derek Barnstorm

Version 0.8

This Mod will allow you to check the database for Usernames, Email Addresses and IP Addresses on registration, guest posting, broadcast message, alert moderator and send topic.
You can also allow Administrators to submit details to the database when spammers get through who haven't already been submitted (you will need an API Key from their website for the submit feature to work).

1) Modify YaBB files using BoardMod or manually.
2) Upload modified files to your server in ASCII mode.
3) Upload and StopForumSpam.lng to their relevant directories in ASCII mode.
4) Upload sfs.png to yabbfiles/Modfiles in binary mode.
5) Go to Admin Center -> Antispam Settings -> StopForumSpam to configure the settings.

Files to edit

Version History
V0.1 - First release - 8th September 2011
V0.1.1 - Optimized to only send one request - 13th September 2011
V0.1.2 - Fixed small syntax error - 16th October 2011
V0.2 - Added Admin options to choose which details to check against the database - 20th October 2011
V0.2.1 - Added error message if unable to connect to the SopForumSpam database and moved code below other checks on registration page - 26th October 2011
V0.2.2 - Added a timeout and Admin option to choose how registration should behave if the StopForumSpam database is unavailable and added a custom URL option to redirect spammers to another page/website - 31st October 2011
V0.3 - Added to the Module Check in Admin Center - 1st November 2011
V0.3.1 - Added module checks to the Register page so there will be no spam checks or errors if the required modules are not installed, and added module checks to the settings page so that the settings cannot be enabled if the required modules are not installed - 2nd November 2011
V0.4 - Added Auto-banning for IP Addresses and Email Addresses - 7th November 2011
V0.5 - Added ability for Administrators to submit spam to the StopForumSpam database from user profiles and the registration log, added option to block IPs on server level and moved code to a separate file - 16th November 2011
V0.5.1 - Fixed bug with auto-adding email addresses and added StopForumSpam Statistics to Admin Center and Board Index - 24th November 2011
V0.5.2 - Tidied up Statistics code - 24th November 2011
V0.6 - Added StopForumSpam registration log and added checks to guest posting, broadcast message, alert moderator and send topic - 27th November 2011
V0.7 - Converted to 2.6.0 by Dandello - July 4th, 2014
v0.8 - Converted to 2.6.11/2.6.12 by Dandello, Feb 15, 2016

Note: This version should work but has not been thoroughly tested on a live forum. ( 15 KB | Downloads )
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I Love YaBB 2.6.11!

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Re: StopForumSpam
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Awesome thanks for the download. I've been looking for something like this.

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